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The Animal Station | Centerburg Ohio's Dog Food Store

Located in Centerburg, Ohio and open year-round, The Animal Station, a dog food store has been providing dog owners with all the supplies they need to provide their pet with a happy life for over 10 years.

A dog food store near you

Our dog food store is a great location for dog owners that are looking to purchase dog supplies in the area. Each of our dog foods have been carefully selected by pet experts and dog lovers, so you know your dog will be receiving only the best care possible when they’re eating from one of our bags! We also carry all types of cat food for all of your furry friends.

In addition to dog food, The Animal Station is also a feed and pet store for farm animals. We carry all of the supplies necessary for livestock farming in Central Ohio including: pigs, cows, horses, sheep, and chickens. No matter what type of animal you’re looking to keep on your land or if you need any other supplies, give us a call today at 740-625-5147

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