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Thank You for Everything

From the desk of Todd Sands:

6,923 days. January 2, 2004 to December 16, 2022.

6,923 days of managing and eventually owning Animal Station.

Time flies. Animal Station has seen me through many life events and has introduced me to countless new friends...for those things I will forever be grateful. The stories are endless, but ownership is not.

Bradyn Burke and the Burke family closed on the purchase of Animal Station this morning. My hope and prayer is that all the loyal customers will remain loyal to this independent business. Bradyn brings a wealth of knowledge and optimism that will breathe new life and a trajectory that only new ownership can bring.

To anyone who ever worked an hour for me, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

To my parents, bankers, factory workers, distributors, truck drivers, customer service reps, and all others who made my dream of business ownership possible, thank you.

To my wife and kids, thank you for supporting me in the decision to pivot and start a new journey.

To my customers. Thank you for being you. The “extended family” we have created remains and I hope our paths continue to cross and life continues to be shared.

Please join us on Friday, December 30th for an Open House at the Animal Station during regular business hours, 9am-6pm to meet Bradyn & family.

Thank you.

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