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Simple Tips to Help Hens Lay Eggs That Are Healthy

All you need to get started with your very own flock of backyard chickens is a chicken coop, quality feeds and some space. Once these three necessities are in place it will be time for the real fun to begin. It is important to start by designing an individualized hen care plan that starts with your management strategy as well as providing them top quality nutrition.

A good balance between feed and other best practices can help you take your egg laying to the next level.


Below on simple tips for healthy egg production:

Simple Tips for Healthier Eggs
Easy Tips for Healthier Eggs

1. Provide High-Quality Layer Feed

The goal is that every single day, your hens in your flock will lay eggs. It’s a full time job! Hens starting laying eggs starting around 18 to 20 weeks old. This is the best time to start feeding premium laying chicken feed so your hens will produce better quality nutritious eggs.

The diet must include the right nutrients for a healthy egg. It should have calcium, amino acids and minerals to promote strong shell development as well as vitamins and other necessary ingredients that help the hen's health. Probiotics and prebiotic promotes digestive function of chickens that is also a major factor in egg production.


2. Collect your Eggs Often

To keep your egg fresh, it is important to gather them at least in the morning and evening. This helps reduce chances for cracks by hen traffic on their nest while also keeping eggs cleaner because they're not left out all day long!

Healthy Egg Production


3. 17-20 Hours of Light per Day

Hens need at least 17 hours of daylight to sustain strong egg production. When the days are short and dark, their bodies release hormones that make them stop producing eggs until there is enough natural sunlight for laying functions again. This is a huge factor often forgotten by most!


4. Parasite Control

Chickens are often plagued with mites, which can take control of their bodies without you even realizing it. When checking up on your chickens at night (the time when these pesky creatures tend to be most active), make sure that any sign or symptoms indicate an infestation. Please consult with your veterinarian about ivermectin for each chicken experiencing mite problems.

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