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Tribute Kalm Ultra Product Review

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Tribute Kalm Ultra is a high-fat equine feed and also the highest calorie feed offered in the Tribute Equine nutrition line. Kalm Ultra contains a low stress dose of Equi-Ferm, which is a prebiotic as well as a probiotic, that is an essential to gut health for horses. Animal Station recommends using Tribute Kalm Ultra for horses that are hardkeepers, highly active, or individuals that need to gain body condition.


Our Review

Tribute Kalm Ultra is one of our best-selling horse feeds in our livestock supply section. Kalm Ultra is sold to many local equine centers and race tracks that have hard-working/active horses. We have had great feedback from our customers about Tribute Kalm Ultra and many rely on it as a strong source of energy throughout the year for their horses.

Hear from Others

Valerie Watson, AQHA World Champion Barrel Racer Wins with Tribute Equine Nutrition.


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