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Highest Soybean & Corn Prices as Commodity Market Boom

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

It is no secret that corn and soybean prices have been climbing over the past several months to new multi-year highs. China's recent record purchases of United States corn and soybeans are expected to continue to deplete stateside supplies, signaling prices will continue to creep higher and higher.

So how does this affect livestock feed prices? Unfortunately, corn and soybeans, the two main ingredients within most livestock feed, will ultimately have an effect on feed prices.

Animal Station would like to stress to our customers that we are doing everything we can to continue to offer competitive pricing on all livestock feeds but you may see a slight price increase on certain products that are not within our control. Rising prices in the commodity markets have created price increases for livestock feed suppliers nationwide. We always maintain an open and transparent relationship with our customers and we hope you are understanding during this time. We appreciate all the support and business that our local community continues to provide to the Animal Station.

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